Clubb - Mike & Terrie in Front of House

The Clubb Family

We lived two very different worlds, Mike a farmer and landowner and Terrie city and rentals, but we found one another through untraditional ways. In 2009, we found our dream house on Allspice to bring our two worlds together and of course Susan, our daughter, said this is the house she wanted so of course

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The Hall Family

The Hall Family

MEET THE HALL FAMILY…please share In November, 2020, my family moved into the Cinnamon Run Neighborhood. My wife, son, and I are transplants from Eastern Oklahoma. My daughter is a lifelong, 11 year old resident of Norman. We are your normal and ordinary Oklahoma family. My daughter and I are proud Cherokee citizens. My son

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Le Blanc Family

The Le Blanc Family

This is so much more than a turnpike destroying over 600 homes! As you will see when you read the story of The Le Blanc Family…the OTA in some cases plans on destroying their home, their livelihood and their lifestyle. MEET THE LE BLANC FAMILY…PLEASE SHARE Our family home lies in the direct path of the proposed

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Cerato Family

The Cerato Family

MEET THE CERATO FAMILY…PLEASE SHARE Our house sits on the iconic Norman Conquest route, a Bicycle League of Norman sponsored ride to conquer the mid-July heat and hills of east Norman. With rolling hills, a beautiful Cross Timbers ecosystem, proximity to Lake Thunderbird and wildlife galore, east Norman is a treasure. We fortuitously rode this famous

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Carter Family

The Carter Family

Every American has the dream of paying their mortgage off! Imagine finally making that dream come true, only to find out that the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will be running a turnpike through your home. Meet the Carter Family….In 1979 I bought a little piece of unimproved land way out in the country on East Lindsey and

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