Clubb - Mike & Terrie in Front of House

The Clubb Family

We lived two very different worlds, Mike a farmer and landowner and Terrie city and rentals, but we found one another through untraditional ways. In 2009, we found our dream house on Allspice to bring our two worlds together and of course Susan, our daughter, said this is the house she wanted so of course we HAD to have it! It needed a lot of TLC and once we walked through those doors we have never looked back. Mike and I went to work every evening and on weekends, when we weren’t at our day jobs, to renovate this house. It took years and we are still trying to make it as beautiful as we see it. Mike and I sold the 160-acre family farm in Hennepin, OK and our home in Moore, OK to try and afford such a luxury. It took everything we had financially to obtain but Susan grew up in this house, she is our shining light and the one who said this is the one after looking at 100’s of homes.
Our first year here was the blizzard of 2009! We had the best view from our living room of beautiful snow & deer while the 3 of us just enjoyed being together in the snow globe. In the summers, the pool is our hangout with friends and family as we love hosting movie nights in the neighborhood! The memories are so many I can’t mention them all but thinking we will lose our home if OTA is not stopped is heart wrenching to say the least. When we heard about ACCESS Oklahoma, we cried, we got upset, and then we decided we will fight for our home, our friends’ homes, and the wildlife. pikeoffOTA!
The wildlife is amazing! You can see deer come for their evening meal, because we always feed those babies, and they love the concerts we put on, Pink Floyd is their favorite! We get introduced every year to fawns, baby squirrels, Wren hatchlings and all types of wildlife. They depend on this area for their homes too! Its one of the most beautiful oasis we’ve ever been blessed to live upon.
OTA will destroy our home if they are not stopped! Being of Choctaw heritage, I am sad to think of the loss they felt being removed and it’s still occurring in this day & age. We are shocked a governmental official has the right to say “it’s just farmland” further insulting Mike as he has been a farmer & handworker his entire life. Stitt completely dishonored him and anyone who works as hard as our farmers. Farming, pastures, humans, and homes should always be honored and respected.