Pennington Family - House

The Pennington Family

Jim and Cindy Pennington purchased their tree and briar-covered land in 1982, the same year they were married. After blood, sweat and lots of poison ivy medication, they moved into their lifelong home on June 27, 1994. Now they look out at the home and environment they have created over the years with a sense of pride, comfort and accomplishment. Their two sons, Parker and Paxton, both grew up here, evidenced by their handprints in the concrete as another phase of the yard was added. Of course, an unexpected announcement from the OTA that a turnpike would cut through their living room was devastating news. With no definite timeline as to when their house will be bulldozed, or how much they might expect to be compensated for their home is unsettling at best. It will be hard to replace the 2-acre “retreat,” as friends call it, they have created. There’s no amount of money that can replace half a lifetime of hard work, the accomplishment of a dream and all those years of memories.