The Hall Family

The Hall Family


In November, 2020, my family moved into the Cinnamon Run Neighborhood. My wife, son, and I are transplants from Eastern Oklahoma. My daughter is a lifelong, 11 year old resident of Norman. We are your normal and ordinary Oklahoma family. My daughter and I are proud Cherokee citizens. My son recently returned from the Navy after serving the county we all love. We love our Country. We love our State. We love our home. We come from hard working Eastern Oklahoma parents. We have built our lives on the foundation laid by our ancestors. All that we have accomplished has been by the Grace of God and our hard work.

When we found our home, it seemed to be a blessing from the Almighty. It had the forest landscape of the beautiful Green Country of our childhood homes. It was the perfect combination. A home within the city limits of city we love and the country setting we longed for sitting on 2 wooded acres, plenty of room for our doodles Leia and Saber Rey to run and play with our daughter. We formed plans to make the home our own, and have worked hard to achieve that goal with plans to make it our forever home for our kids and future grandkids.

Our home is not perfect, but it is perfect for us. It is irreplaceable. It has unique features, such as a 400 square foot patio, that overlooks the wooded greenway. We love sitting out on our patio drinking coffee, grilling and listening to the music made by the many creatures that live in the wooded area. Deer, fox, squirrels, and wild turkeys are constant visitors to our yard. Our neighbors are wonderful people, who have spent as many as 30 years perfect their forever homes. Rose rocks, which I had never seen before in the wild, free flow from the ground following ever rain storm. It has been told that the Cherokees believe that rose rocks were formed from tears from the Trail of Tears, symbolizing the last time they would be moved from their land, yet we face this again. My wife and have spent our adult lives trying to find and obtain this home, it is our sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of busy day jobs in the metro, a place for our son to enjoy, and our daughter to explore.

On February 22, 2022, everything changed. Our Governor announced that a turnpike would be robbing my family of our dream. Our Governor, whose party’s platform is for a moratorium on turnpikes, announced gleefully that the turnpike would be come through my neighborhood, deceitfully stating to the Oklahoma people, that this project was only going to go through “pastures” and “undeveloped” lands.